How to use NostrilVet

Help your horse beat allergies with our step-by-step guide.

When it comes to equine allergies, NostrilVet is the perfect solution. However, if you’re finding it isn’t helping your horse’s symptoms then it could be a case of not administering NostrilVet correctly. This can happen as some horses can be unwilling to receive treatment and can become agitated when powder is being squirted up their nose.


How to administer NostrilVet

Step 1
Remove cap, attach applicator. Test the bottle first by squeezing the bottle away from yourself. Test the pressure needed to administer an ideal dose, which is approximately a 30cm plume of powder.

Step 2
Stand sideways to the horse, put your right arm under the horse’s neck and place your right hand over the top of the horse’s nose, which enables you to get the horse in a firm but gentle headlock. Or if possible for additional safety and ease of application have a second person to assist you, this way your assistant can hold the horse’s head leaving both your hands free to administer the product.

Step 3
Test for horse’s breathing pattern, either with your spare hand if you have an assistant, or if administering alone with the back of your hand. When you feel the horse exhaling, place the NostrilVet applicator into a nostril and squeeze as soon as the horse begins to inhale.

Step 4
Wait to feel the breathing pattern once more so that you apply to the second nostril using the same method. Ensure the powder is not sprayed into the Diverticulum nasi, i.e. the fake nostril which all horses have.

Step 5
If the horse is proving difficult, get your assistant to distract the horse with a handful of feed, or if administering alone secure the horse in its stable and divert its attention using a bucket of feed. While distracted apply NostrilVet.

Step 6
NostrilVet is natural and contains no active ingredients. The key to getting the best out of NostrilVet is to make sure you maintain a constant layer of powder inside the nostril cavitation.

Step 7
You should administer NostrilVet to your horse before exposing it to any environments containing airborne allergens, for example; a stable or field on a high pollen count day. Apply 15 minutes before feeding the horse with hay.

Step 8
NostrilVet can be used daily, in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. NostrilVet should ideally be administered twice per day, or three times per day if/when symptoms are severe. If your horse exhibits symptoms when exercising apply 15 minutes before riding.


Environmental Control – Most experts agree that the majority of serious horse respiratory conditions can be improved through improvements in the horse’s environment. Putting the horse to pasture can often be the best treatment but sometimes that is not practical or in the case of sport horses, not possible. In these cases, it is best to increase the ventilation to the stable and ensure regular cleaning of the stable to remove dust and spores. Buy high quality grass silage to feed the horse (less spores) or even consider rubber mats in the stable as opposed to straw/hay. Applying NostrilVet twice a day is another example of how the condition of a horse suffering from aeroallergen exposure can be improved – Whether as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a more complex combination therapy. Always consult your veterinarian for advice, particularly regarding combination therapies.